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3 Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey??⚡️

There’s this #howitstartedversushowitsgoing trend going around and it made me think about how I started my fitness journey and how so much has changed since then. Let’s talk about what started as a quest to lose 20 pounds and now involves trying to get as strong as possible and also being a signed as a fitness model…Who would have thought?!⁣

To be clear, I lift weights and work out because I enjoy the feeling of being strong and getting stronger. My goal here is not to lose weight or be small (it used to be). I eat foods that taste delicious, nourish my body, and fuel my training. I share about my journey because I want to be open and upfront about how my journey started, the experience I went through, and what I have learned because it would’ve helped me to hear this and it can help others.⁣

With all that said, getting started on any fitness journey can be tough and incredibly rewarding!⁣

Here are my 3 tips to get started on your fitness journey:⁣

  • ?? Ask for help— whether it’s an accountability buddy or working with a Coach, having a support system helps you stay motivated and push toward your goals. Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It means that you’re willing to be vulnerable, self-aware, and courageous enough to know that you need help.⁣⠀
  • ?? Add, instead of subtract— Instead of depriving myself, I focused on eating more protein, getting into more servings of nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water⁣⠀
  • ?? Focus on the inside—This was an inner and outer shift. The external transformation took an internal change to happen. This didn’t happen overnight. It took me months of getting my mind right before I was in a place where I could successfully begin a cut, lose 50+ pounds, and keep it off four years later.⁣⠀

How’s your fitness journey going? What’s been the biggest shift you’ve noticed? Tell me in the comments below⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣⠀

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My name is Sal (she/her pronouns) and I’m a Strength Coach??‍♀️⁣.I studied Neuroscience ? and African Studies ? in college. ⁣I was the Instructor for an “Introduction to Powerlifting” physical education course in college and that’s how I found that teaching others how to get strong brings me so much joy?⁣. I speak 4 languages fluently?⁣ and grew up in New York City. Brooklyn wussup! ? ⁣

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