Coach Sal flexing her (big ass) biceps
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Focus on change for real results⁣

Hello, my StrongHER Girls Squad!???⁣ Nothing in your life is going to change until YOU make that change. That choice to make that change and the action you take to make that change both start with you. You gotta implement change to see the real results you want to see. ⁣

Nothing changes if nothing changes

You can read all the books, watch all the YouTube videos, read through all the posts on the #fitness hashtag page, but until you take ACTION, nothing is going to change. ⁣

What you can do to get those real results

  • Change nothing and nothing changes. ⁣
  • Do the hard thing. ⁣
  • Do the work. ⁣
  • Make the change. ⁣
  • And the results will come. ⁣
Coach Sal

What is something you are actively working to change? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️ ⁣

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My name is Sal (she/her pronouns) and I’m a Strength Coach??‍♀️⁣.I studied Neuroscience ? and African Studies ? in college. ⁣I was the Instructor for an “Introduction to Powerlifting” physical education course in college and that’s how I found that teaching others how to get strong brings me so much joy?⁣. I speak 4 languages fluently?⁣ and grew up in New York City. Brooklyn wussup! ? ⁣

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