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  • Coach Sal is deadlifting at a gym. She is wearing white shoes, pink leggings, and a white sports bra.
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    5 Tips to Overcome Gym Intimidation

    A Story About “Gymtimidation”⁣⁣ (gym+intimidation=gymtimidation) So, you decided to start going to the gym on your own, but this time you’re headed into the weight room instead of lingering on the treadmill or elliptical for hours. This took a lot of courage and you’re so proud of yourself for getting to this point. ⁣⁣ You get to there and you’re pumped to actually be lifting for real. You watched a few form videos on YouTube and you have your swipe workout screenshotted and ready to go. But then you start to feel like everyone in the weight room is judging you. So, you start wondering:⁣⁣“Why’s everyone looking at me?”⁣⁣“Am I…

  • Coach Sal
    Self awareness

    Brains, Gainz, and Everything in Between

    Strength Coach. Neuroscience researcher. Fitness Model.Business Owner. I exist in multitudes and that is a beautiful thing. I am unapologetically ambitious. I am unapologetically passionate. I am unapologetically courageous. I am unapologetically strong, inside and out. I am unapologetically me– the best me that I can be every day. To do anything else but be me has felt limiting, constricting, and well, just not me. For so long, I’ve tried to force myself to fit into a neat, little box of what society deemed to be acceptable. But not anymore. I have many passions and interests and I’m going to pursue them wholeheartedly. To be honest, it’s been a while…

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