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Celebrating My Wins?

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of minimizing your success because you don’t want to come off as bragging?

raises hand

Yup, I tend to downplay my wins. I’ve always had a hard time acknowledging and celebrating my wins. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or a gender thing, but there’s a great sense of guilt and shame that comes along with it for me. I’m still unpacking what that means and how to work through it.

Acknowledging & Celebrating

What I do know is that I’ve worked full-time (and held down multiple part-time gigs) while also building an online business. I’ve worked hard to show up for my clients and myself, every day. There’s a lot that I share and there’s a lot that I don’t share. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety and gotten through it. There’s a lot of blood, sweat (lots of sweat as you’ve seen), and tears behind building an online fitness business on your own. There’s a lot of late nights and weekends working. And for me, it’s been worth it.

This is me giving myself the credit I deserve and finally owning my wins. I’m pausing to actually celebrate this win and then it’s back to working hard on the mission that I have. I’m here to help women get strong, from the inside-out, and I’m just getting started.

My name is Sal Nakhlawi and I am a Founder of Change. I am so excited to announce that I am one of 100 Black women entrepreneurs selected for American Express’s “100 for 100” program! Thank you to the team at @americanexpress and @ifundwomen for their generosity and support.

Tell me about a win you’ve had this year— big or small. How are you celebrating it? And how about celebrating it by starting your fitness journey? Contact me and apply now!

My name is Sal (she/her pronouns) and I’m a Strength Coach??‍♀️⁣.I studied Neuroscience ? and African Studies ? in college. ⁣I was the Instructor for an “Introduction to Powerlifting” physical education course in college and that’s how I found that teaching others how to get strong brings me so much joy?⁣. I speak 4 languages fluently?⁣ and grew up in New York City. Brooklyn wussup! ? ⁣

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