Sal Nakhlawi @whatischristie shoot
About Sal,  Modeling

She is Strong, Courageous and Powerful!

Earlier in September 2020, I had the privilege of shooting with @whatischristie. This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot (let’s be real— I had a lot of favorites and it was hard to choose one!).

Sal Nakhlawi

During the shoot, we talked about the human mind and human experience. Christie is like no other. She’s compassionate, resilient, fiery, and her soul is so genuine. A celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist turned photographer. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. If you’re in the NYC area and looking for a photographer to help you celebrate your body, your femininity, and soul, I highly recommend @whatischristie.

She wrote this about me after our shoot and it was so beautiful that I wanted to share:

“She is beauty AND brains.
The CEO/Founder of StrongHER Girls and The StrongHER Girls Movement.
Lab technician working on neuroscience research at a university.
Strength Coach and Personal Trainer.
Writer. Model. Daughter, sister, and friend.
A degree in Neuroscience and African Studies. A completed fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship. Summer programs in the fields of business, creativity, innovation, leadership, teamwork, etc.
The strong minded, strong bodied, strong willed type of woman. Beautiful inside and out.”

Christie Caiola

Check out more photos of my past shoots here. Do you want to boost your self confidence? Contact me and/or apply now for personalized coaching now!

My name is Sal (she/her pronouns) and I’m a Strength Coach??‍♀️⁣.I studied Neuroscience ? and African Studies ? in college. ⁣I was the Instructor for an “Introduction to Powerlifting” physical education course in college and that’s how I found that teaching others how to get strong brings me so much joy?⁣. I speak 4 languages fluently?⁣ and grew up in New York City. Brooklyn wussup! ? ⁣

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