Even Coaches Need Coaches!

Hello, my StrongHER Girls Squad!

The last time I worked with a Coach was before the COVID-19 pandemic. In NYC, gyms are still closed so I’ve been doing home workouts for a few months now. While I’ve been active, I didn’t feel like the strongest version of myself. I knew that in order to be a better version of myself, inside and out, I needed to ask for help. I knew I wanted to get strong, improve my movement, enjoy training, and develop healthier eating habits. Buuuuut, I didn’t want the unnecessary work and stress that come with figuring it out on my own. So… I hired a strength and nutrition coach! I know have the knowledge and skills to design an evidence-based program for myself and my goals. Yes, I am beyond capable of doing it on my own. However, I still hired a coach.

Why, as a coach, did I hire a coach?

Well, there are a few reasons for that.

  1. Time and Energy— I spend most of my day writing programs for my clients. By hiring a strength and nutrition coach, I save the time that I would spend planning my own program and nutrition. This is time that I get back to completing the tasks that allow me to run my business and the things that I find joy in. This allows me to reclaim my time and use it how I like. I don’t want to waste my time. It’s a limited resource.
  2. Accountability and Support— By making a significant financial investment in hiring a Coach, I am more likely to follow through with the plan. I am less likely to be biased about certain movements and skip my accessories (like rear-foot elevated split squats). In addition, I receive support through weekly check-ins, messages, and feedback from my Coach. This way, I can get that motivational push when I need it.
  3. Structure— By hiring a coach to write my programming and handle my nutrition, I get a plan that fits my lifestyle. I have access to purposeful, intentional programming that gives me a clear roadmap to get the results that I want. This allows me to be consistent with my progress and adjust as challenges arise.
  4. Learning— By working with a coach, I not only reach the goals that I set for myself, but I can also learn more about the why behind how to get there. Understanding the “why” behind my programming allows me to trust my program and Coach and have greater confidence in my training. I am aware of the reason why I’m doing a certain exercise. This knowledge allows me to be intentional with my training, continue improving my form, and understand my body better.

Do you have an online fitness or nutrition coach? If you’ve considered it, what’s holding you back from working with one? Let me know in the comments below

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My name is Sal (she/her pronouns) and I’m a Strength Coach??‍♀️⁣.I studied Neuroscience ? and African Studies ? in college. ⁣I was the Instructor for an “Introduction to Powerlifting” physical education course in college and that’s how I found that teaching others how to get strong brings me so much joy?⁣. I speak 4 languages fluently?⁣ and grew up in New York City. Brooklyn wussup! ? ⁣

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