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What drives Coach Sal

“When I first started StrongHER Girls: Coaching and Personal Training, I knew that I wanted to increase access to high-quality strength and fitness coaching to the BIPOC community. I wanted to do this in a way to not only provided this service to the BIPOC community, but also made folx feel welcomed and included. I did this by starting The StrongHER Girls Movement.”


StrongHER Girls: The Movement is dedicated to teaching underserved girls, women, and folx of marginalized identities about strengthening their bodies, from the inside-out. 

StrongHER Girls™: The Movement was founded by Salma Nakhlawi, a competitive powerlifter, to empower girls, women, and folx of marginalized identities through strength. Raised by an immigrant mother, Sal was taught by her mother to challenge mediocrity and self-doubt. At StrongHER Girls™: The Movement, we help girls of color find their voice through an intersectional feminist curriculum dedicated to boost self-esteem, self-image, challenging gender and societal ideals, and teaching the power and olympic lifts. In short, StrongHER Girls™ is dedicated to teaching girls of color to uplift each other and lift heavyass weight.

Girls are strong and we’re only getting StrongHER.

What we can do

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of summer programs have been canceled and families with kids are greatly affected. To meet this need, we’re partnering with a local gym @murderofcrowsfitness to bring free virtual fitness classes to kids, ages 7-10, in the community

Big shout-out to Coach Kurt for organizing the program and to all of the amazing volunteer coaches. 

Please pass this information along to any families with kids who would be interested in participating. 


Apply here or email us at [email protected] and we will reach you!

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